The 100 Years of Grand Central Tour

Grand Central Terminal opened in 1913 and was a triumph of architecture and transportation for its era. It was a mecca for train travel from where one could take trains to cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis with connections to the west coast. Trains such as the 20th Century Limited set the highest standard of luxury travel for its time. Granted landmark status in 1976, Grand Central remains one of New York’s great landmarks with many stories to tell. Come with us to see what is one of the nation’s top ten touring sights and experience its grandeur on its 100th anniversary.
The tour of Grand Central is about 1½ hours. Please wear comfortable shoes.
Cost: $25 per person.
Meet at the clock/information booth in Grand Central Terminal.

The Everything Bagel Tour — The Lower East Side

Since the early 1800's, the Lower East Side has been the home of immigrants to the United States wanting to start a new life in America. They have made numerous contributions to the cultural and economic life of New York City and America, many of which are still evident in the Lower East Side today. This is reflected in the Lower East Side food, clothing, languages and buildings. In addition, a new wave of immigrants, the hipsters, not from across the sea but from New York itself, have now moved in and have dramatically changed the "scene” of the Lower East Side. This Lower East Side tour (our signature tour) will let you experience the history, the architecture, and the food of this special area of New York City.
The Lower East Side tour is about 2 ½ hours. Please wear comfortable shoes.
Cost: $50 per person including tastings.
Meet at 137 Houston Street (in front of Yonah Shimmel's Knish Bakery)

The SOHO Tour It's Not Just About Shopping

Let's explore the historic SOHO district of Manhattan and find out how it evolved from a dingy industrial area to one that is now considered hip and a high end shopping area. You will find out the history of this area and most importantly, you will get to view of it's historic and unique architecture known as Cast Iron design. This is an area where abandoned industrial lofts were converted to artist lofts and eventually became high priced condominiums. At the end of our tour of SOHO, we will visit the area north of Little Italy and enjoy a coffee and dessert at a traditional Italian Cafe.
The SOHO tour is about 2½ hours.Please wear comfortable shoes.


Cost: $50 per person including coffee and pastry.
Meet at the SOHO Grand Hotel. 310 West Broadway, New York , NY 10013.​

The High Line and Meat Market Tour (Gansevoort)

Experience what was once an industrial and dilapidated neighborhood and what has now become an upscale and fashionable area for New Yorkers and non - New Yorkers. We will explore the fashionable shops, restaurants and hotels and take a walk along the New York High Line, which was an abandoned elevated railway, and is now an idyllic urban park.
The NY High Line tour is about 2½ hours. Please wear comfortable shoes.


Cost: $50 per person.
Meet at 14th Street and Columbus Avenue (in front of the Apple Store) 401 West 14th St New York


Inside Chinatown and Little Italy
Chinese and Italian immigrants first came to New York in the 1800’s and settled in the neighborhoods in lower Manhattan now known as Chinatown and Little Italy. Their numerous cultural contributions to New York and America are legendary and are still here to see in these vibrant communities. Come with us to explore the historical, gastronomical, cultural and architectural sites of both neighborhoods.
The China Town/Little Italy tour is about 2 1/2 hours. Please wear comfortable shoes
Cost: $50 per person.           Contact us for additional dates.
Meet at NYC Info KioskTraffic Island at Baxter/Canal/Walker Streets
Near 6 Train Canal Street Station 

Create your Own Tour

​Let us know what area of Manhattan or other boroughs in New York you would like to explore and we will arrange and develop a custom tour for you. Examples include:
Contact Us To Create Your Own Tour